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Noah finds himself on a layover in a city he's never been, Los Angeles. Stranded for a day, he has a chance meeting with Purple, a girl who is his total opposite in every way. As they spend the day together, on one long trip, they connect more than most people do in a lifetime.


Making an independent film is a task that requires a creative team effort fueled by the generous hands of those who support them.


Our team began pre-production in January 2022 and raised our production funds in 3 months. We had a minimum budget goal that we achieved, that got our initial schedule and hiring process running. We juggled both further fundraising and pre-production tasks, until we raised all our funds for post-sound editing, music, and editing. 


June 30 we finished principal photography. While we are currently in the editing process, we are now fundraising for marketing/exhibition. Marketing is an often ignored aspect of indie filmmaking, but we recognize it as an essential part of the film package. Having a robust marketing/exhibition budget can give us the room to test audiences, run data analytics, and also focus on traditional marketing. 


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